broke by Isabelle McKenna

20 APR – 4 MAY

10AM – 5PM TUE – SUN

broke is a collection of clay works made by local artist Isabelle McKenna during the Melbourne lockdown. It includes a collection of still lifes, figures, people, and objects that explore the theme of broke. The heart of the show is a playful take on brokenness and how we perceive that as a society. The term ‘being broke‘ can be interpreted in a multitude of ways and each object represents it in its own way. It is fitting that clay is the medium of choice, with its very nature being fragile.
The still lifes in the show are based on objects found in Melbourne streets and illustrate an imagined story by the artist. The objects are celebrated in all their broken brilliance. In many ways, the show is a metaphor for 2020 and the fragments we are left with as a result of our worlds breaking apart. A homage to how that encourages change and resourcefulness in us all.