Chris Rigney

Showing at Clancy
136 High Street, Preston

29 Apr–15 May

Rigney’s debut exhibition is a dramatic portrayal of humanity, through a series of expressive portraits that suggest different ways of seeing.⁠

His work seeks to reconnect us with our inner child, and explores ways in which we can express the parts of ourselves that have been repressed due to cultural, social, and personal judgements. ⁠

Conceived in a generation which is challenging cultural and social oppressions, Rigney’s work encourages us to untether our own personal beliefs and perceptions of ourselves and our environment, and explore who we are, how we think, and how we see.⁠

The series is a reflection of the artist over a tumultuous yet invigorating period of time for our society, sharing his perspective in this impassioned collection of diary entries in the form of large, vivid paintings.⁠