Shelter From the Storm
by Jenny Jessop

Showing at Clancy
136 High Street, Preston

15 Jan–12 Feb

‘When the storm is inside, go outside.

Nature for me has always been a non-verbal communicator. It helps me to resolve, rejoice, reflect, grieve and then move on. This body of work is a celebration of just that. Nature’s ever-changing skies and seasons are a narrative of the constant changes in our own lives. It brings to mind the phrase my own mum used when not many other words were needed, ‘this too, will pass’. Mother nature displays this constantly. Painting has been both an escape and a storyteller for me over the last year; it has kept me grounded and kept me moving. I paint with oil paints because I enjoy the texture and richness to them but also the ability to change and go in another direction at ease. I hope you enjoy this show and find a place or feeling you can relate to and find shelter.’—Jenny Jessop