When the storm is inside, go outside…

Jenny (O’Dowd) Jessop grew up in a small town in the west of Ireland. She studied fine art in Dublin, majoring in ceramics. Jenny introduced oil paints into her practice once she discovered their sculptural qualities alongside the ease of connection and expression.

Jessop moved to Australia with her family in 2011 for an 18 month adventure and has made it her ‘home from home’ ever since. Painting land and seascape is an internal expression rather than an external one for Jessop. ‘When I begin a piece, it’s a blank canvas in every way. I don’t know what the outcome is going to be, but once completed I know exactly why the image was created. It may have been my own energy at the time of painting or the energy from places or people.”

The Australian landscape is a very strong theme in Jessop’s work, which she uses as inspiration when painting her works: “It sings out to me, the big skies and land are constantly changing. When looking at my artworks you may see places that remind you of Ireland or Australia. For me it’s like having 2 different languages to say the same thing.”

Jessop interprets her artworks once completed and concludes that this is also the case for the viewer: “The paintings are storytellers and the story belongs to the viewer.”

Artwork by Jenny Jessop