Jewellery That Speaks of Process & Tells a Story

Juliette Claire is a multidisciplinary artist practicing jewellery, painting, drawing, ceramics and sculpture. Juliette’s work is process-oriented. This process connects back to places and day-to-day life. Sketching and writing also plays an important role throughout Juliette Claire’s process. To her, the story of the material is as much part of the work as what one makes with it.

In her jewellery practice, Juliette works with rocks and carves at lapidary clubs. The is an avid collector and fossicker where possible. These processes inform her work, and many of Juliette’s pieces are born out of this discipline. Her work is slow; made of many years of compiled knowledge, materials and stories playing themselves out in creative hands. Juliette has a BA in Fine Art Sculpture (RMIT University) and Diploma of Object and Jewellery Design from Melbourne Polytechnic. 

Objects & Jewellery by Juliette Claire