Modern Jewellery With A Distinctive Personality

Lori Hakim is a Melbourne-based jeweller creating contemporary pieces with a distinctive personality and tactile quality. Vintage colour combinations, bold patterns and kitsh objects are used as inspiration in the creation of Lori’s work. Through her work as a jeweller, Lori finds, collects, assembles and interprets items from the world that surrounds her.

Lori is playful in her approach to jewellery-making; her work evolves in a spontaneous way and is injected with honesty. In her practise, Lori fuses traditional and modern techniques; enamelling, casting, painting and 3D printing all come into place during the creation of her work.

All of Lori’s work is created by her own hands and she enjoys each minute of bringing her designs into being. To Lori, the only thing that beats making jewellery is to see it being worn and enjoyed.

Products by Lori Hakim