Inspired by the Natural Environment

Margaret Christianson is a multidisciplinary artist who focuses on metal scupture and contemporary acrylic painting. Based in Coburg, Victoria, Australia, Margaret’s inspiration comes from the natural environment, whether it is in the city or the country, in the water or on land. Margaret’s home provides her with a sense of self and place and this is where she spends much of her time exploring her creativity and extending her artwork. Travel is also an essential part of her artistic life, providing space for Margaret to think and experience new sights, sounds, and feelings, all of which nourish her work. Margaret finds traveling in Australia to be a peaceful and enriching time where she can draw and paint what she sees. When she returns home, Margaret reinterprets and adapts her experiences into bespoke designs for her metalwork and original contemporary acrylic paintings. Margaret’s steel sculptures and wall hangings are hand-cut with a hand-held plasma cutter and fused with a mig-welder in her home studio in Coburg, while a large portion of Margaret’s paintings are created while the artist is on her travels.

Artwork by Margaret Christianson