Saskia Düsselberg

Saskia Düsselberg is a Melbourne-based contemporary mixed media artist creating sensitive but powerful works from her studio in Rye. She approaches her work in an adventurous way, and loves creating texture through various processes. Layers and depth are constant features of her work, which at times speaks of her background in textiles.

“Creating art is a very visceral and experiential process for me, a transmission of my own signature frequency which is then imbued into my work.”

As an individual who is intuitively guided, feeling and emotionality drives Saskia’s instinctive expression. In her work, she plays with positive and negative elements. She uses colour and shape to bring polarities into unison, contrasting bold graphic elements against melting etheric qualities.

There is so much to explore in the world and within ourselves, may we remain forever curious”

Artwork by Saskia Düsselberg