Making Waves

by Csongvay Blackwood

26th March –
5th April 2021

Clan Collective

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Csongvay Blackwood’s Making Waves exhibition presented the Eltham-based duo’s latest range of ceramic sculptures, built during the COVID-19 pandemic in Melbourne. The collection of hand-built pieces was constructed from layers upon layers of textural BRT clay. Over the year it took to build the Making Waves collection, the formula of the clay changed three times, prompting the artists to change their manufacturing tactics to adapt to the qualities of the material. Together, the forms create a series of undulating waves, representing the dramatic impacts of pandemics throughout human history.

‘Pandemics have affected our lives since the ancient Greeks and the Plague of Athens, where disease challenged democratic institutions and human behaviour to the point that it undermined the world’s first democracy. The hard-edge geometries of Making Waves reference how each step towards hygiene and common good is the foundation in reducing these pandemic waves from growing into a tsunami, and by following these steps we can ultimately overcome our current COVID-19 crisis.’ —Csongvay Blackwood

Ceramic sculptures from the Making Waves collection can be purchased directly from Csongvay Blackwood’s website.

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